The H.S.S. Controlbox® is the very first of its kind! Comprehensive yet easy to operate. This is the ideal solution for growers who want to work consciously and precisely.

  • Dispensing amount view per nozzle series;
  • Dispensing amount view per liter hectare;
  • Accurate fueling;
  • Registration of cultivated hectares and dispensed amount;
  • Logging of Drift Reducing Measures;
  • Water-saving cleaning.
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The Johnny Appleseed Group is an integrated fruit production and marketing company in New Zealand. We operate in excess of 30 spraying rigs. Five years ago – in search of new technology – we imported a machine from two Dutch sprayer manufacturers to evaluate. One of these makes was H.S.S. We are extremely satisfied with the construction of this sprayer and the way it performs. The modern technology gives us excellent coverage and control over our spray application. We now have four single row units.

H.S.S. is definitely our sprayer of choice.

Johnny Appleseed Group
New Zealand.

M J Paynter

The H.S.S. CF 2000 has changed the game for spraying on our farm where we grow apples and blueberries. Many features have made this the sprayer we choose to get the job done with. Having a tank capacity of 2000 liters saves a lot of labour and time for the operator. Spray coverage is key and this sprayer delivers that along with virtually no drift. Our farm is surrounded by homes and the majority of our spraying occurs at night or in the early morning. The 2-speed low noise fan allows us to get the job done in the quietest way possible. The blue led work lights ensure visual confidence in the coverage while spraying at night. The sharp turn shaft allows us to easy turn on all headlands on the farm. The touchscreen control box makes operating the sprayer simple and user friendly. Looking forward to adding more H.S.S. equipment to our farm down the road.

Wilmot Orchards
Ontario, Canada

Ian Martin over de CF2000

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