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H.S.S. GPS Controlbox®

Optimal crop protection and minimal residue are not easy to combine. GPS in combination with reliable registration of the spraying process is the next step in perfecting the spraying technique.
In consultation with a number of (large) fruit growers an advanced system has been developed which minimizes the chance of errors. The H.S.S. GPS Controlbox® makes it possible to monitor the entire spraying process and enables a completely closed registration of the crop protection. The H.S.S. GPS Controlbox®  is a link in the complete chain of GPS applications within fruit growing industry.
The GPS control can be used for the Weedy CC and all types H.S.S. orchard sprayers. In addition, the screen and the sphere are interchangeable from machine to machine. 


A brief description of the GPS Controlbox®.

After starting the machine the users login with their unique username and pin code. After this login various date can be entered, for example the row distance and the width adjustment of the wheel axle. After setting the orchard sprayer there are two options: -Filling the tank; -Start spraying with using GPS. 

When the option filling the tank is chosen the tank screen can be used to enter the amount of liters the tank should be filled with and when the stirring should be turned on or off. The screen shows how much liters are in the tank. When the tank is filled with the right amount of liters the screen colours green. When pressing 'Enter' an unique tank number has been created.

After this spraying with GPS can be started. When the task card is loaded into the GPS Controlbox® the plot is shown on the screen. When the spraying starts the nozzels switch on and off fully automatically and accurate to 2cm. While driving, it is possible to choose on the screen which side the machine is going to turn to at the end of the row. With one push on the button the arm folds and you can continue to the next row without stopping. The screen of the GPS Controlbox® is showing exactly when you already treated and what is not treated yet. 

When you are finished with treating the plot the orchard sprayer can be cleaned with a semiautomatic, water-saving rinse program. Finished cleaning cycles are registered and the machine can then be placed in a special transport mode so the machine can be transported safely.


H.S.S. GPS Controlbox®:

  • Is applicable to the one and three row orchard sprayers and the drawn weed sprayer.
  • The only GPS-controlled system which is especially developed for fruit crop protection.
  • Completely closed registration from the repository to the three.
  • Higher drift reduction class (DRT) by provable one-sided spraying of the outer row of threes and by spraying with a task card.
  • Exact on and off switching nozzles.
  • Easier, safer and fully focused on operation, the driver has all the attention for driving.
  • The spray registration is exportable through an USB-stick and can be loaded into registration programs. 
  • Is ready for controlled autonomous working.
  • More environmentally conscious and more sustainable working due to minimal waste and saving on crop protection products and fuel (5%).