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H.S.S. GPS Spraycontroller

Optimal crop protection and minimal residue are not easy to combine. GPS in combination with reliable registration of the spraying process is the next step in perfecting the spraying technique.
In consultation with a number of (large) fruit growers an advanced system has been developed which minimizes the chance of errors. The H.S.S. GPS Spraycontroller makes it possible to monitor the entire spraying process and enables a completely closed registration of the crop protection. In collaboration with Agromanager the GPS spraycontroller is a link in the complete chain of GPS applications within fruit growing industry.
The GPS control can be used for the Weedy CC and all types H.S.S. orchard sprayers. 

The usage of task maps makes it possible to perform tree specific applications.

The GPS in combination with ISA ( intelegent spray application ) :

“I.S.A.” is a system that is able to control nozzles based on the leaf mass that is measured. This increases the efficiency of spraying, and on average results in a 25% improvement on the use of water, plant protection products and fertilisers. With this system it will even be possible to control the amount of deposition on tree level.

An additional benefit is that the leaf mass is recorded during measuring. As a result, every time this system is driven through the orchard, a clear picture of the condition of the trees can be obtained. This data can be used for further growth regulation or fertilization