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ProductsOrchard-sprayers ➜ CF2000-3


The H.S.S. CF2000-3 is a trailer three row orchard sprayer with an hydraulic driven mower. The capacity of the machine is 6-7 hectare/hour. The machine is based with an well thought-out touch-screen adjustment (H.S.S Controlbox) and make it possible to control the complete machine with 1 button. It will also help to make turnings on a very narrow space of 5 meter to turn without stopping.

The unique system from open and closes the arms hold the air outlets always square on the tree row, this system prevent over and under dosage of spray liquid and gives the possibility to drive with 1 or 2 collapsed arms in a row.

The safety of the machine is made that you never can bump and there is always air on the outlets.


  • 4-cylinder brass piston membrane pump with a capacity of 200 lt./min (BlueFlex membranes).
  • 2000itre. tank included large deep filling screen, flush hose for solving products and a tank cleaning system.
  • 200litre. clean water tank.
  • 12litre. hand washing tank
  • Tandem axle, 1 axle hydraulic braked, 1 axle hydraulic adjustable in width.
  • 2 electronic switchable venturi injectors for a high mixing capacity.
  • Big and easy-to-clean suction filter (50mesh) and self-cleaning pressure filter (80mesh).
  • 2 electric valves, electric pressure regulator with a big pressure meter.
  • 2 x 8 step less adjustable air outlets with twin (for 2 nozzles) anti-drip nozzle holders and
  • Fully galvanised frame.
  • Touch screen adjustment for: electronic tank capacity measurement, electronic pressure measurement, registration monitor and water amount control pro spray arm.
  • Double angle gearbox with cat. 2 lift points for a sharp turning
  • Road light, triangle and reflectors.
  • Perfect RN200 or RN225 mower, driven by a closed hydraulic on board system.
  • Maximum row distance 370cm
  • Maximum tree high 355cm