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WS 600, 1000, 1500

The H.S.S. WS600, WS1000 and WS1500 are trailer weed sprayer with 1 axle and tires on your choice, based with adjustable draw bar and a tank capacity of 600, 1000 and 1500litr. The H.S.S. weed sprayer have a big suction filter (capacity of 220 liter/minut). Hand operated valves and pressure regulator. From the drivers sit you have a very good look on the manometer and tank level indicator.



  • 3-cylinder piston membrane pump with a capacity of 110lt./min (BlueFlex membranes)
  • Tank capacity 600, 1000 and 1500ltr; included Tank cleaning and large, deep filling screen.
  • 60, 100 or 150ltr. clean water tank.
  • 12ltr hand wash tank.
  • 2 switchable venturi injectors for a high mixing capacity.
  • Big and easy-to-clean suction filter (50mesh) and pressure filter (80mesh).
  • Hand operated valves and pressure regulator.
  • Double angle power take-off.
  • Fully galvanised frame.
  • Axle that can be adjusted in width and position and an adjustable tow bar.

Extra options: 

  • Road light, triangle and reflectors.
  • Sharp turn shaft.