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The H.S.S. Weedy is a weed spray boom that can be us on the breeding of hard- and soft fruit. The machine is build from a hydraulic lifting frame, with 1 or 2 lifting arms. On the arms are step less adjustable spray caps (angle and hight).

There are 2 versions of weed spray boom: front and rear. With the rear model, it is possible to make a combination with the H.S.S. WS600, 1000 or 1500 sprayer. The rear machine is mounted on the lifting arms and give the possibility to make sharp turnings and have the spray cabs directly in the straight line on the tree row.

The plus points of the H.S.S. Weedy are:

  • Big stability, the tires of the spray cab are out of the tractor driveline
  • Compact collapsible (hydraulic) for transport on the road
  • Easy montage on the tractor

With the calculator, it's possible to calculated the right nozzle for you farm.



  • Infinitely adjustable nozzles
  • Infinitely adjustable angle and height
  • Nozzles that can be individually turned off
  • Bar to flatten long weeds
  • Semi-pneumatic tyre for smooth operation
  • Obstacle protection with spring return

In combination with the 15 forward-facing caps it's possible to spray with a high drive speed, low spray volume (+/-100 litr/ha) water. The spray cab protection in combination with low drift nozzle give no thermal and drift to the leaves


Extra options:

  • Hydraulic width adjustement of the spray arms
  • Electric valves included control box, mounted on the spray cabs
  • H.S.S. Weespray Controlbox ©