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H.S.S. Controlbox®

Touchscreen adjustment, including water amount control.

The H.S.S. Controlbox® is the most innovative orchard sprayer controller included water amount control. 

The thoughtfull screen layout with symbols make an easy operating and flow check possible.

Each nozzle serie (8) has its own flow meter to check accordance the flow conform the preset parameters and deviation tolerance.


 De H.S.S. Controlbox® make it possible to:

  • Control the water amount pro nozzle serie
  • Control the water amount pro hectare
  • Accurate filling of the tank
  • Water saving to clean
  • To suffice the highest level of drift reduction (DRT)



the H.S.S. Controlbox® is basic equipped with

  • Digital tank niveau measurement  
  • Digital pressure measurement
  • Electric valve injectors (mixing)


Extra options for the H.S.S. Controlbox®:

  • H.S.S. Drift control (50-95% DRT)
  • H.S.S. Drift and wind control (50-99% DRT)
  • GPS to switch the nozzles and registration of the amount