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Productsorchard-sprayers ➜ cf2000-3


H.S.S. CF2000-3 is a trailed three row orchard sprayer with a hydraulic driven mower. With this machine it is possible to treat an area of 6-7 hectares per hour.

The machine is equipped with a well thought-out control touchscreen, the H.S.S. Controlbox®, and makes it possible to control the complete machine with only one button. Thanks to this control it is possible to turn in a narrow space of only 5 meters (16,4 ft) without stopping the machine.

Because of the unique folding and unfolding system, the air outlets always remain perpendicular to the row of trees. This prevents over or under dosing of the spray liquid. It is also possible to drive through and spray in a row with one or two spray arms folded.

The machine is protected in such a way that if it hits something, air is always supplied to the air outlets.


The H.S.S. CF2000-3.


H.S.S. CF2000-3 turns without stopping.





4-cylinder brass piston membrane pump with a capacity of 200 lt./min. (BlueFlex membranes).

Tank capacity:

2000 liters.

Clean water tank:

200 liters.

Hand wash tank:

12 liters.

Axle construction:

Tandem axle, one axle is hydraulically braked and one axle is hydraulically adjustable in width.


Electric switchable venturi injectors for a high mixing capacity.


Large and easy to clean suction filter (50 mesh) and a self-cleaning pressure filter (80mesh).


Two electric valves and an electric pressure regulator with a big pressure filter. 

Air outlets:

6x 8 stepless adjustable air outlets with double, anti-drip nozzle holders.


Fully galvanised.


Touchscreen operation for digital tank and pressure measurement, registration monitor and water amount control per 16 nozzles.


Double right-angle gearbox with category 2 lifting points for a short turning circle.


Road lighting with a slow traffic triangle and reflectors. Work lighting is optional.


Hydraulically driven mower. (Perfect RN200 of RN225).

Hydraulic mower:

Own hydraulically system with an oil cooler.

Maximum planting distance:


Maximum tree height: