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Productsorchard-sprayers ➜ cf2000-rn


The CF2000+RN is a tandem axle machine with a tank capacity of 2000litre  The spray tower height with a single fan available rangin from 200 to 340cm, with a double fan the spray tower range is 300 to 550cm. Under the sprayer is a hydraulic driven Perfect RN200 or RN225 mower fitted, hydraulics for the mower are suplied by a PTO driven power pack fitted on the sprayer. The unique front gearbox make it possible to turn very sharp.



  • 3-cylinder brass piston membrane pump with a capacity of 130 lt./min (BlueFlex membranes).
  • 2000itre. tank included large deep filling screen, flush hose for solving products and a tank cleaning system.
  • 200litre. clean water tank.
  • 12litre. hand washing tank
  • 2 switchable venturi injectors for a high mixing capacity.
  • Big and easy-to-clean suction filter (50mesh) and self-cleaning pressure filter (80mesh).
  • 2 electric valves, electric pressure regulator with a big pressure meter.
  • 2 x 8 step less adjustable air outlets with twin (for 2 nozzles) anti-drip nozzle holders and nozzle at client's choice.
  • Double wide-angle power take-off.
  • Low noise adjustable radial fan with 2 speeds and a zero position.
  • Air outlets are adjustable forward and backward.
  • Fully galvanised frame.
  • Adjustable axle and tow bar.
  • Road light, triangle and reflectors.
  • Perfect RN200 or RN225 mower, driven by a closed hydraulic on board system.