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Productspickstar-fruit-harvest-versatile ➜ pickstar-fruit-harvest-machine


The Pickstar fruit harvest machine is a versatile tool for every season, usable for thinning, pruning and harvest operations. 

No more health and safety risks on ladders, the platforms on the machine make it possible to work on all necessary heights safely.

Compact, manoeuvrable, low operation and maintenance cost, easy to operate. This machines will maximise your picking capacity.

6 harvest workers can work simultaniously on 4 adjustable platvorms and from the ground. The fruit is placed on 4 or 6 conveyor belts 

transporting the fruit safely to the fruit bin on the back of the machine. A 16 empty bin capacity trailor can be towed. 

empty bins on the trailor can be lifted by manual/hydraulic operation or hydraulics suplied by the Pickstar for easy and fast operation.

Technical specifications 

- 13 Hp petrol Honda engine ( Diesel engine or full electric powered optional )

- Stepless hydrostatic transmission ( foreward - reverse )

- Tyre size 23 x 10.50 - 12, 4-layer tubeless

- Weight 870 kg 

- 4 conveyor belts standard  ( 6 optional )

- Hydraulic steering

- Tow hitch for bin trailer 

- Pull rod for transport ( transport mode activated by switching valve )