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Weedy CC

The Weedy CC is a 3-point hitch weed sprayer, equipped with the unique Weedy spray caps. Its possible to connect a trailer tank to this type of Weedy. (WS1000 of WS1500)  On the frame a 3cilinder piston membrane pump with Bleuflex membranes is fitted in combination with a bracket containing pressure regulator, pressure filter and hand valves.

3 supports make it easy to connect or disconnect the machine.


The spray cabs are equip with electric valves with viton membranes, fitted close to the nozzles to give us a short switchin time. After drip or turning lines are history.

The machine can also be used for distribution of liquid fertilizers, in combination with gps its possible to do this location specific. 


H.S.S. Fusion advantages are:

  • Easy turning at the end of the rows
  • Easy connect and disconnected from the tractor
  • Less filling more working



  • Infinity adjustable nozzles
  • Infinity adjustable angle and height
  • Nozzles that can be individually turned on/off
  • Bar to flatten long weeds
  • Semi-pneumatic tyre for smooth operation
  • Obstacle protection ( brake away ) with spring return
  • 3-point lift Cat. 1/2
  • 3-cylinder brass piston membrane pump, capacity of 115lt./min (BleuFlex membranes).
  • pressure filter (80mesh).
  • Hand operated valves and pressure regulator.
  • Power take-off.


In combination with the 15degrees forward-facing caps it’s possible to spray at high driving speed, low spray volume (+/-100 litr/ha) water. The spray cab protection in combination with low drift nozzle give no thermal and drift to the leaves