New technology ‘Intelligent Spray Application®’ from H.S.S. at Open Day Proeftuin Randwijk.

The new spraying technology developed by Hol Spraying Systems B.V. will be shown at the Open Day from Proeftuin Randwijk on 15 August 2019. Detection sensors which are placed on the spray tower of the orchard sprayer measure the leaf mass on the trees in real time. With the data collected, the water amount per cap is calculated and applied. With empty spaces larger than 10 centimeters, the caps remain closed. The advantages of this system include saving on water, crop protection products and fertilizers and a higher deposition in the crop.

In combination with the H.S.S. GPS Controlbox® it is also possible to register the growing power of the plantings. This data can be used as input for creating a task card for growth regulation or fertilization.

This technique is a result of the Fruit 4.0 project and was in collaboration with Rometron, ir. J.C. van der Zande and D.C. de Hoog MSc perfected. The demonstration of the technique will start around 7:30 PM at the Proeftuin Randwijk location.

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