Press release H.S.S. week 9 – 2021

Certification of the Intelligent Spray Application (I.S.A.) as a 99% Drift Reducing Technique (DRT).

In week 8 of this year, the Technical Committee for Technology Assessment (TCT) gave a positive assessment to the application by Hol Spraying Systems (H.S.S.) to use the H.S.S. I.S.A. to be certified as a 99% DRT. The 99% DRT recognition is approved even without  usage of GPS.

The H.S.S. option I.S.A. is available on all single row orchard sprayers with a tank capacity from 1000 to 3000 litres. The machines that were delivered in 2019 and 2020 and which are already operational at full satisfaction of the fruit growers, now also are under the 99% DRT certification.

At the start of the new season 2021, 10 machines are equipped with H.S.S. I.S.A. These machines are operating in 4 different countries.

Plant protection with 3D task maps.

Last year we had a successful collaboration with Agromanager.  Together we made the H.S.S Controlbox®️ and the Agromanager Spraycontroller even better. Now it is even possible to follow your machine real-time with following parameters: -location; -current flow (with 2 or 6 flow meters); -current tank content.

If we equip the H.S.S. I.S.A. control with the Spraycontroller it is even possible to vary the output per tree in three height zones. This offers lots of possibilities for the use of thinning agents and grow regulators. This combination has been uniquely developed for fruit growing. After extensive testing, we have noticed that ISOBUS terminals are not able to control the application rate in relation to the height of the tree as efficiently as the Spraycontroller. This makes it possible to control the machine by means of 3D task maps. In this way we are able to treat 52 hectares on tree level with three different sections.

By creating task maps and feeding back the application rate Agromanager, it is possible to give correct tank advice for the next treatment and it is possible to record your own tree growth yourself.

This season Fruitconsult follows and monitors 4 machines in different regions. This creates a lot of practical experience which can be used to adapted advising to the latest techniques.

Universal GPS control of four machines.

Another new development is the control of the weed sprayer, fertilizer spreader, compost spreader and root pruner with one universal GPS box. This control box can be exchanged between all machines.

Q3 completely autonomous solution.

After completing the development and testing process of H.S.S. GPS and the H.S.S. I.S.A. , the sprayer is ready to operate autonomous. H.S.S will continue its development.

Last but not least In the third quarter of 2021, a fully autonomous machine will be presented for the following activities:

-Crop protection ( spraying )
-Weed control
-Root pruning
-Fertilize tree-specific.

More information will follow, Follow us on FB to see the latest pictures and activities.

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