GPS controller

H.S.S. Controlbox®️ + Spray controller

Optimal crop protection and minimal residue are two concepts not easy to combine. GPS in combination with a reliable registration of the spraying process is the next step in perfecting the spraying technique. In consultation with a number of fruit growers, an advanced system has been developed that minimizes the chance of errors. The H.S.S. GPS Controlbox®️ + Spray controller, is a link in the complete chain of GPS applications in fruit growing. The Spraycontroller can be used in combination with the basic H.S.S. Controlbox®️.


The use of high-quality components and well-thought-out software guarantees high accuracy. Various independent measurements by the WUR show that an accuracy of 2 cm can be achieved.

Task map and registration

In order to be able to create tree specific task maps and to prevent double registration, cooperation has been sought with Within this fruit growing software- package orchard location maps are entered and the individual tree positions are stored. Task maps are generated in Agromanager, this can be for a complete block ( orchard ) or tree specific after manual data import or data collected by  sensor or drone. The treatment class and spray factor can be set by the grower himself in order to get the required result out of a treatment. If a block / parcel has been treated, the stored data transferred back immediately to Agromanager to be processed there in the spray script. The task maps are transferred wireless via the internet.

Plant protection product authorizations and applications

The combination of accuracy and registration provides new opportunities for plant protection product authorizations and renewals at the CTGB. Working with the H.S.S. GPS Controlbox®️ saves 5% on plant protection products and water, prevents over filling of the tank and untreated trees are a thing of the past.


Single row H.S.S. orchard sprayers linked to the H.S.S. Controlbox®️
3 row H.S.S. orchard sprayers linked to the H.S.S. Controlbox®️
Single row H.S.S. orchard sprayers with H.S.S. I.S.A. and the H.S.S. Controlbox®️
H.S.S. weed sprayer
Root pruning
Multi-spreader and fertilizer spreader