AgBot 2.055W3 & CF2000-AB – Autonomous machine

The AgBot 2.055W3 & CF2000-AB autonomous machine.

This autonomous machine can be used for much more than just crop protection.

AgBot 2.055W3 & CF2000-AB can be used for crop protection, weed control, the application of liquid nutrition and for mowing and shredding prunings. It is also possible to refill the tank in a controlled and unmanned manner. By reading in a task card and issuing commands for the machine, the AgBot 2.055W3 & CF2000-AB exactly knows what to do.

Crop protection

For crop protection, a crop protection module is placed behind the machine. You then have a 2000 liter tank, an electrically driven fan, 16 nozzles (8 on each side) with nozzle holders and nozzles of your choice.
The machine is also equipped with a H.S.S. Control box including GPS module and H.S.S. ISA.

Weed control and the application of liquid feed is done with a three-point-supported frame. Two infinitely adjustable spray hoods with three nozzles per side or a double nozzle set including a pump of 150 litres/min per side hang from this. The frame also contains a 120 liter tank and a Dosatron dosing pump for agent injection into the spray line. The frame is hydraulically lifting with mechanical width adjustment. The mechanical weed control works on both sides and is mechanically adjustable. The finger weeder has a diameter of 55 cm, has 2 sets of roller heels with a diameter of the discs of 380 mm. The working width is +/- 55cm per side.

Technical data


4 cylinder, 2.9 liter, 55kW, Deutz 2.9 TCD Diesel engine.


170 liter fuel tank.


Electric drive for the 2 rear wheels. Stepless speed control from 0-13.5 km/h.


Remote control and receiver with ECU. GNSS receiver for driving and safety system.


60 liter hydraulic pump with oil cooler. Hydraulic steering of the front wheel.

To be able to mow and shred pruning wood, it is possible to hang a lawn mower and pruning wood chipper on the machine. The lawnmower has a working width of 225cm, is a front version with two swivel wheels and a wide roller. The shredder is also a front version with skids, wide roller and hydraulic side shift up to 50 cm. The working width is 180cm.

The AgBot 2.055W3 & CF2000-AB is the result of a collaboration between Hol Spraying Systems and AgXeed. H.S.S. is the exclusive distribution partner for the fruit growing sector worldwide.

There will be more information about the AgBot 2.055W3 & CF2000-AB available soon.