H.S.S. GPS Control Box®

Optimal crop protection, minimal residue!

The H.S.S. GPS Controlbox is the big brother of the regular Controlbox and the next step in perfecting crop protection. Thanks to the GPS, spraying the fruit crops is even easier and more precise.

The big trump card is the loading of a task card, on which the entire plot can be seen. Now you can easily see where has already been sprayed and where still needs to be sprayed. Important parameters are also loaded automatically. Furthermore, the spraying process is largely automated and as a driver you only have to carry out checks.

  • Completely closed registration from the pantry to the tree.
  • Easier, safer and more concentrated work.
  • Working in a more environmentally conscious and sustainable way.

To create task cards, we work together with Agromanager. More information can be found at www.agromanager.eu