H.S.S. MixTat 500 – Filling station

H.S.S. MixTat 500 mixing station is especially designed to fully autonomous fill your AgXeed AgBot with CF2000-AB.


A galvanised frame equipped with two 500 liter tanks is the base, 2 stainless pumps
are fitted for mixing/agitating.
1 DAB Easybox (220V) hydrophore feeds the 2 tanks and a container cleaner. Amongst
others the Pentair Clean load Nexus.
Full automatic machine control, inclusive machine recognition (which machine to fill).
Digital level and flow measurement.

• No point pressure;
• Perfect mixture/blend resulting in maximum efficiency;
• Less blockages;
• Time saving, filling faster;
• Complete control, also remote;
• Autonomous filling by machine recognition;
• Simple operation;
• Built with high quality industrial parts from renown brands;
• Remote assistance in the rare event of malfunction.


More information coming soon!