Orchard sprayer especially for grapes

With the H.S.S. CF2000-3 treats an area of ​​up to 6-7 ha per hour! The CF2000-3 has a tank capacity of up to 2000 liters and a galvanized frame with 2 adjustable wheel axles. Axle 1 is hydraulically adjustable in width and axle 2 is braked.

Furthermore, the crossflow air system ensures a guaranteed equal air distribution. This is controlled by a base of two large, low-noise radial fans, with switchable gearbox. On this, 6 times 8 blow nozzles are mounted on 3 spray masts.

This whole machine can be operated with one button! foo Thanks to a well-thought-out touchscreen, the entire machine can be operated quickly and easily. This even makes it possible to turn on a 5-meter-wide head end without stopping. It is also equipped with a unique folding and unfolding system, so that the nozzles are always perpendicular to the row of trees, in order to prevent over- or under-dosing.

Finally, a 200-liter brass pump, large suction filter and self-cleaning pressure filter ensure optimal stirring and distribution of liquid! The clear passage height under the arms is 355 cm, the standard spray mast height is 320 cm.

The H.S.S. CF2000-3 can be equipped with a hydraulically driven mower.