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Hol Spraying Systems

High quality orchard sprayers


In 2008 the company H.Hol en Zoon started to developed its first own orchard sprayer. This after many years of experience with selling and servicing Douven and John Deere orchard sprayers. 


After in 2010 the first orchard sprayers were produced and delivered to growers, the name Hol Spraying Systems® (H.S.S.) was born. Nowadays H.S.S. is an independant company.


H.S.S. produces a wide range of products: single and triple row sprayers, three-point and trailed weed sprayers, Weedy weed spray booms, Weedy brush sweepers and stationary plant protection product mixers are developed. 


The unique H.S.S. Controlbox® makes it possible to constantly meet the requirements for drift limitation up to a max of 99% drift reduction. 


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