H.S.S. ISA in the media

In  the NPPL online publication of this week the H.S.S. ISA orchard sprayer of fruitgrower Slabbekoorn is mentioned. (www.slabbekoornfruit.nl)

Sensor-controlled crop protection in fruit is getting under way. Based on task maps, but also with sensors on the sprayer, it is determined whether or not a fruit tree is sprayed with fugicide. In any case, it looks good from a technical point of view. Financially it’s a different story, but I hear from the grower in Kapelle that he thinks it can pay off with his 80 hectares of fruit.”

Read the full article here. (Dutch)

An H.S.S. orchard sprayer equipped with H.S.S. ISA and a Spray Controller is the only market-ready machine that meets the “Future Vision Crop Protection 2030”.

For more information about the Spray Controller, click here.

For more information about H.S.S. ISA, click here.

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