H.S.S. winner of the Fruit Tech Campus ‘Technovation Award 2021 public prize’!

On October 14, 2021, Hendrik Hol for H.S.S. received the ‘Technovation Award 2021 public prize’. In addition to being nominated for the jury prize, H.S.S. also won the public award. H.S.S. participated in the new autonomous solution. This solution takes over 95% of the work in the orchard. The AgXeed AgBot 2.055W3 works with the integrated H.S.S. CF2000AB for your crop protection and is compatible with several other implements.

The demo tour will start from October 26 to show the AgBot at various locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

You can register for the demo tour via the website: www.holsprayingsystems.com/events or send an email to info@holsprayingsystems.com. It is then important to indicate with how many people you want to be present, on which day and in what time period.

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