Impression opening H.S.S.

Last Friday the new location of Hol Spraying Systems was officially opened.

Henri and Hendrik Hol surprised the guests with a beautiful presentation in which the history of the company was told. After this, an arm of a triple row orchard sprayer was folded in which opened the building symbolically. The group was shown around by both directors. After this tour ended there was a buffet and some drinks.

The H.S.S. timeline set up in one of the premises of the building allowed the development of the H.S.S orchard sprayers from the founding until now. Of every year an orchard sprayer was available for viewing. Besides that there were various other activities including a simulator that could be used to practice driving a tractor, working with a crane, etc. Agromanager was present to provide interested parties with information about their online application for fruit companies.

The company will begin to work at the new building on the Iepenwei 10 in Geldermalsen, starting this week.

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Opening new Hol Spraying Systems building