Low maintenance and easy to operate!


The H.S.S. CF1500 is similar to the CF1000 and differs only in tank capacity. The CF1500 is a single row orchard sprayer designed with ease of use and maintenance in mind. The construction is galvanized and the whole machine is made sturdy to last for years. The orchard sprayer can be personalized by adding different options. Check out the rest of this page for more information about this type!


Check out the rest of this page for more information about this type!


Galvanized frame


Adjustable axle

Tank capacity

1500 liter

Spray mast

Customer specific layout

Even air distribution

The unique crossflow air system of the H.S.S. CF1500 guarantees an equal air distribution through all air outlets! This is made possible by the base with a large, low-noise radial fan, fitted with a switchable gearbox. 16  air outlets are mounted on the spray mast, 8 on each side.

Furthermore, the CF1500 is equipped with a tank capacity of 1500 liters, galvanized frame and adjustable wheel axle. A 130-liter brass pump with suction filter and self-cleaning pressure filter provides the stirring and distribution.



Brass piston diaphragm pump of 120ltr./min

Tank capacity:

1500 liters

Clean water tank:

150 liters

Hand wash tank:

10 liters

Axle Construction:

Single, mechanically adjustable wheel axle. (tandem axle optional)


Large, deep filling sieve


Two switchable injectors for high stirring capacity


Easy-to-clean suction filter (50mesh) and a self-cleaning press filter (80mesh)


Electrical control for valves and pressure regulator


16 air outlets adjustable in height and angle, 8 on each side


Twin ‘anti-drip’ nozzle holders and nozzles of your choice


Double wide-angle PTO


Low-noise, switchable radial fan (two speeds and 0 position)


Fully galvanized frame


Road lighting, longitudinal triangles and slow traffic sign

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