Filling crop protection machines autonomously? Then you need the H.S.S. CM mixer/filler! This device has been specially developed for this application, has a galvanized frame with two 500-liter tanks and two stainless steel pumps for stirring. Furthermore, 1 Dab Easybox hydrophore is enough capacity for the two tanks and keg cleaners. The CM500 is also equipped with Pentair Cleanload Nexus fully automatic machine control including machine recognition!

Intended use in 7 steps:

  1. 1 tank is filled with 200 liters of clean water;
  2. The desired agents are added, and the kegs are cleaned with clean water;
  3. Tank filled up to 500 liters; Constant stirring (fast/slow/fast)
  4. Machine is automatically recognized; the filling process can start;
  5. The homogeneously mixed contents of the tank are first filled into the sprayer;
  6. Mix tank is refilled with clean water;
  7. Filled contents into the syringe (total 3 times)

Benefits at a glance:

  • No point load;
  • Optimal mixed, better functioning resources;
  • Less chance of blockages;
  • Time savings by being able to refuel faster;
  • Full control also remotely;
  • Autonomous refueling through machine recognition;
  • Easy operation;
  • Industrial control components from a renowned brand;
  • Remote assistance possible in case of malfunctions