Control box®

The very first of its kind!

The H.S.S. Controlbox is the very first of its kind! Comprehensive yet easy to operate, this is the ideal solution for fruit growers who want to work consciously and precisely. Thanks to the Controlbox, it is easy to check the application rate of the sprayers, to refill accurately, to clean water-saving and much more!

Understandable and simple

The touchscreen control has been specially adjusted to operate and adjust the orchard sprayer as easily as possible. Symbols instead of text make the touchscreen understandable and simple, so that the driver has full focus on spraying.

  • Dispensed amount display per nozzle series;
  • Dispensed amount display per liter hectare;
  • Accurate refilling;
  • Registration of cultivated hectares and dispensed amount;
  • Logging of drift-reducing measures;
  • Water-saving cleaning.