H.S.S. Weedy AA

Spray and sweep with one machine

Weeds, pruning wood etc. under the trees are quickly a thing of the past with the Weedy AA! This herbicide sprayer and/or strip sweeper is suitable for the cultivation of hard and soft fruit. The machine consists of a hydraulic lifting support frame, mounted on one or two sides, with weed spray caps or strip sweepers. These are infinitely adjustable in angle or height.

Depending on what you’re going to use the Weedy AA for, you can easily switch between spray caps and cleaning heads with just two bolts!

The weed spray caps are equipped with:

  • Obstacle protection;
  • Stepless angle and height adjustment;
  • Individually lockable nozzles;
  • Low release venturi caps;
  • Plastic shielding of the caps and guidance of low hanging branches;
  • Semi-pneumatic tire for stable running;
  • Feeler to flatten the long weeds.

The sweeper is equipped with:

  • Robust adjustable rubber flaps;
  • Stepless angle adjustment.

Extra options:

  • Hydraulic width adjustment (unique in operation due to the same running left and right);
  • Electric valves;
  • H.S.S. Weedspray Controlbox© (touchscreen control with dispensed amount control).

Curious about our product?

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