H.S.S. Intelligent Spray Application® (I.S.A.)

The Intelligent Spray Application® (I.S.A.) from Hol Spraying Systems increases the efficiency of the H.S.S. CF series orchard sprayers.

With the three innovative detection sensors on each side placed on the spray tower, the leaf mass is detected in real-time. The caps remain closed when the empty spaces are larger than 10 centimeters.

The data coming from the detection sensors can also be used to record the tree shapes and tree height. In combination with GPS, the growing power of the planting can be registered. This data can be used as input data for making a task card for growth regulation or fertilization.

The benefits of H.S.S. I.S.A.

  • An average saving of 25% on water, crop protection products and fertilizers compared to a machine without I.S.A. (measured over a full season).
  • Filling less often; a larger surface can be treated with one tank mix.
  • A higher deposition of the product in the crop.

In combination with the H.S.S. Controlbox GPS® it is possible to perform precision treatments at tree level.

The photos show the sensors in operation, the type of caps used, the sensors themselves and the coverage.