H.S.S. Weedy CC and WS1500

The perfect combination

Tired of weeds? Then the H.S.S. Weedy CC is the solution! This three-point mounted herbicide sprayer quickly finish weeds thanks to the 115-liter spray pump. The 2 hydraulic lifting arms are mounted on a base frame. Two weed spray caps are mounted on this, which are infinitely adjustable in angle and height.

Expand the Weedy CC with the H.S.S. WS1500! This pulled weed sprayer has a tank with a capacity of 1500 liters! The WS1500 is also equipped with a large suction and pressure filter and a galvanized frame.

The weed sprayer caps are equipped with:

  • Obstacle protection;
  • Stepless angle and height adjustment;
  • Individually lockable nozzles;
  • Low release venturi caps;
  • Plastic shielding of the caps and guidance of low-hanging branches;
  • Semi-pneumatic tire for stable running;
  • Feeler to flatten the long weeds.


Extra options:

-Electric valves;
-Flooding option;
-H.S.S. Weedspray Controlbox © (touch screen control with water amount control);
-Road lighting;
-Full field boom.

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