Real time leaf mass detection!

The Intelligent Spray Application increases the efficiency of the H.S.S. CF series orchard sprayers. Thanks to the innovative detection sensors, the leaf mass is detected in real time. For example, the nozzles remain closed with empty spaces larger than 10 centimeters due to a PMW module that is placed in each nozzle holder.

Furthermore, the application rate is dependent on driving speed and the application rate per distance traveled is always the same, in order to prevent over and/or under dosing. Tree-specific treatments are possible through the GPS link.

  • 25% savings on water, crop protection products and fertilizers;
  • 30% higher deposition of the spray liquid in the crop;
  • Tree-specific treatment, accuracy of 10cm at 8km/h;
  • 99% DRT recognition in the Netherlands;
  • Variable dispensed amount possible spread over three heights;
  • Speed-dependent dispensed amount: no overdosing of last and first booms;
  • Less refueling due to savings;
  • Fuel savings due to lower fan speed;
  • The only spraying technique to be able to work autonomously through feedback of data;
  • Tax benefit by applying the Vamil-mia scheme;
  • Meets all requirements set out in the 2030 Outline Agreement.