First H.S.S. ISA orchard sprayer delivered in Belgium.

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The first H.S.S. orchard sprayer equipped with ISA and with Spraycontroller is delivered in Waasland, Belgium. The machines goes to work at the fruit company of Hans Tack and Laurens Tack. Besides a fruit grower, Laurens is also CEO of Agromanager.

The Spraycontroller ensures the section control on GPS and a direct link with Agromanager. Due to the direct link in combination with the creation of task cards in Agromanager, important parameters are registered directly back to the computer.

H.S.S. ISA provides a high drift reduction of 99% and a saving on 20% on annual basis. The coming months will be used to collect sensor data from the H.S.S. ISA  and link it to Agromanager to easily record crop data.

For more information about the Spraycontroller and H.S.S. ISA, click here.

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